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Visit Planner


Visit Planner is a website where user can search City information like Hotels, Restaurants, Theaters, Concert Halls and Galleries etc. of the Country.
NOTE: The current build is using Silverlight 2.0 RTM.
See the Walk through presentations.

VisitPlanner1.png VisitPlanner2.png VisitPlanner3.png

What technologies does Visit Planner use?

The following technologies have been used in the Visit Planner

How do I use Visit Planner


  • The drop down list on the top right is empty ?
    • If top right City Guide: << EMPTY DROP DOWN LIST >> you should check your connection string is correctly setup and your database is populated with the Database Setup script.
  • Getting Silverlight errors ?
    • You should check 'Silverlight Tools Beta 2' has been installed.

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