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A Windows Live(TM) Quick Application originally developed by Active Web Solutions Ltd and Conchango Ltd.

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See Contoso Bicycle Club and Contoso University Shared Philosophy

Client requirements:

Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Mac OSX
Microsoft IE7 or Firefox 2.0.x

Development requirements:

Visual Studio 2005 + Web Application Project Option or Visual Studio 2008 (latest version) (to compile the applications)
ASP.NET Ajax 1.0
Microsoft AntiXSS Library
Application keys for Expo

Server requirements:

An IIS server capable of serving ASP.NET 2.0
Outbound HTTP/S to all the Windows Live services APIs including Spaces, Expo, Contacts etc.
Inbound HTTP/S from anywhere
A valid domain name for your site e.g.
ASP.NET Ajax 1.0
Optional: An SSL certificate (for use with Live Data)


  • Unzip the files to a suitable location.
  • Using IIS Manager, create new web site pointing to the folder into which the files were unzipped.
  • Open a browser and verify that you can see the web site. e.g
  • Download and install SilverLight 1.0 from

Notes for Developers

All of the data for this sample comes from Windows Live services, specifically, Spaces, Expo and Contacts. The web.config supplied with this site contains a number of application settings that allow you to configure the sources of this data. It is recommended that you become familiar with the code base before attempting to modify these values.

Some of the Windows Live services used in this sample are protected by a LiveID, the credentials of which are not published and the data are therefore, readonly. To modify the displayed data on the site requires 3 key items:
  • A new Space, attached to the LiveID, that will act as the main administration source. The Space needs to be configured to replicate the configuration of the Space used here ( It requires the following:
  • A blog configured with 3 categories, News, Events and Featured Spaces. The web site retrieves the RSS feeds from this blog and re-presents the data. For News, the blog entry title is display as a link to the full blog entry which is shown on a new page. For Events, only the blog entry title is displayed, body text is ignored. For Featured Spaces, the title and body text are used as a tooltip for the displayed image. The image must be added to the blog entry. Ensure that you embed only one link in the blog entry as this is extracted and assigned to the image. You must create 4 entries in this category or you will get errors at runtime. After creating the blog entries, update the web.config to point to the rss feeds e.g.
  • <add key="LatestNewsFeed" value="http://<yournewspace>"/>
  • <add key="EventsFeed" value="http://<yournewspace>"/>
  • <add key="FeaturedSpacesFeed" value="http://<yournewspace>"/>
  • A photo album entitled "Promotions" - used for the "What's New" image alongside the news headlines. Once you have created this album you need to modify the web.config to point to it's RSS feed. To do this, open "http://<yournewspace>", view the source XML and look for the channel item "<title>Photo Album: Promotions</title>". Just below this is an element of the form <guid isPermaLink="false">cns!ADBBB9BF1C07AC5!122</guid> You need to extract the value and plug it into the appsetting as shown below:
  • <add key="PromotionalPhotoFeed" value="http://<yournewspace>!ADBB9BF1C07AC5!122/feed.rss"/>
  • Having created the LiveID and Space you need to create a Live Data authentication token (for more infomation see The token is used to authenticate access to the LiveID address book. This address book is used to store the locations of users. As there is no UI for doing this, you have to perform the following steps.
  • Sign in to the site using the new LiveID and follow the steps to grant permissions. Note that your site must be visible to the Live Data service as the service calls back to your process.aspx page and returns a domain authentication token granting access to the LiveID's address book.
  • When you return to the Contoso authorisation page, view the source html. At the bottom is an html comment containing the LiveID and an encrypted authentication token.
  • Copy the id and token and paste into the web.config as shown below.
    • <appSettings>
      • <add key="AddressBookOwnerHandle" value=""/>
      • <add key="AddressBookOwnerAuthToken" value="encrypted token goes here" />
      • </appSettings>
  • Sign out of the site and sign in again using your own personal LiveID. You should now be able to store your location on the "where are they now" page.
  • In order to populate the drop down list on this page, you need to create a spaces list called "CampusLocations". Each list item should contain a title and a "latitude,longitude" pair in the description. As with the photo album, you need to obtain the permanlink value to plug into the web.config by viewing the rss feed at "http://<yournewspace>" and extracting the value of the guid element.

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