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Contoso Riders


Contoso Riders website allows users to add the new Ride/Event information and view the existing Ride/Event information, Users can also Chat with online Riders through WindowsLive messenger etc..

ContosoRiders_Home.png ContosoRiders_UpdateProfile.png ContosoRiders_RideInfo.png ContosoRiders_AddEvent.png

What technologies does Contoso Riders use?

The following technologies have been used in the Contoso Riders

Notes for Developers

All of the data for this sample comes from Windows Live Services, specifically, Spaces, Virtual Earth and Silverlight Streaming. The web.config supplied with this site contains a number of application settings that allow you to configure the sources of this data. It is recommended that you become familiar with the code base before attempting to modify these values.

Some of the Windows Live services used in this sample are protected by a LiveID, the credentials of which are not published and the data are therefore, readonly. To modify the displayed data on the site requires 3 key items:
  • Windows Live ID with Space - (see This LiveID will be used to administer the site and update the secret word in the Email publishing in your space option page.
  • A new Space, attached to the LiveID, that will act as the main administration source. The Space needs to be configured to replicate the configuration of the Space used here(
  • Get Silverlight Streaming Service Account from using the above Live ID
  • Register an Application from

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