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Windows Live Quick Applications Beta provide customizable out-of-the box solutions for specific Web scenarios. Each Quick App is built on Windows Live services and is offered as a source code download for you to use today. alert_signup_eng.gif Sign Up to Project Alerts via Windows Live Alerts please subscribe for notification of updates including issues

Websites in the WL Quick Apps

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  • Field Manager demo
    • Field Manager allows people who play sports to join a league and that league can use many different sporting fields, it allows the "player" to keep up to date as to where the field is, is it open, and notes. If you were a parent and your child played sports like baseball or soccer - it would make your life easier
    • Silverlight Streaming
    • Virtual Earth
    • Spaces
    • Smoke test cases
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Tafiti Search Visualization is a Website which brings a new user experience to researching (searching and storing results). It was originally created by Microsoft to demonstrate Silverlight and the Windows Live Search APIs. Now Tafiti has been released as a Windows Live Platform Quick Application on CodePlex under a MS-PL license (free for use).
  • The technologies used are Silverlight, ASP.NET Ajax, Windows Live ID and the Live Search API.
Tafiti Search Visualization.png Tafiti Search Visualization (tree).png
  • Contoso ISV (Systems Integrator / Consultancy) demo
    • A professional services website using the Windows Live platform services for a customer acquisition / CRM scenario. Featured technologies are the Windows Live Messenger IM Control where customers can interact with sales staff, and the sales staff can schedule an appointment within the Windows Live Messenger client via an activity which integrates Microsoft Virtual Earth and Windows Live Alerts. This application also leverages Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live to provide an interactive video carousel
    • Codebase is not in the release yet - download from Source Code Tab
    • Run through PowerPoint presentation and configuration instructions
    • Contoso ISV site
      • Contains Silverlight application with multiple videos coming from Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live
      • Listing of stories / content (right now this is static)
      • Shows presence of sales staff using the Windows Live Messenger IM Control (see below for configuration).
    • Contoso ISV Sales Activity _an ASP.NET application which gets surfaced within a Windows Live Messenger Activity Window see
      • Used by sales staff scheduling a meeting with a customer
      • sales staff enter the address of customer, time, and directions are generated from Virtual Earth
      • the service staff can then get notified using Windows Live Alerts by clicking Send Appointment. To test this you must sign up to the Alert.
    • Localized into Chinese and US English languages
    • Smoke test cases
ISV_Big.png ISV_SL_Fullscreen.png ISV_Messenger_2.png ISV_Alert.png
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  • Video.Show (User Generated Content sharing site) (links to another Codeplex project)
    • Video.Show is a sample that demonstrates usage of Silverlight, Expression Encoder, Silverlight Streaming and ASP.NET AJAX to create a video portal for user-generated content.
    • Silverlight Streaming | Expression Encoder | ASP.NET
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  • Visit Planner demo
    • Visit Planner website guides users to gain useful information about any city, so that they can be attracted to plan their visits to that city. The information provided includes Hotels, Restaurants, Theaters, Concert Halls and Galleries etc..
    • Featured technologies are the Microsoft Virtual Earth and Silverlight Streaming.
    • Watch the Demo video
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